Turbine Oil Purification

Turbine oils are used to lubricate and cool the bearings of various turbine generators: hydro turbines, steam and gas turbines, turbo-compressor machines. Also oils of this type can perform the functions of the working fluid of the turbine control systems and can be used in circulation and hydraulic systems of various industrial mechanisms. Let’s take a closer look at why we need turbine oil purification?


During the operation of turbine units, the contact of hydrocarbons with oxygen in the air occurs. Oxidation processes are accelerated by the presence of dissolved moisture, metal particles, as well as high temperature. As a result, turbine oils undergo certain changes in chemical and physical properties, which are called “aging.” This process can occur in different ways and its flow depends on the type of oil used and the existing system configuration. But in all cases, a significant factor accelerating the aging of turbine oils is their pollution.


Among the most common problems arising from the use of low-quality turbine oil, the following can be highlighted:


  • sticking and valve failure. Various deposits are deposited and accumulate in the gaps, throttling sections of the control units and on the surfaces of the spools. Over time, the gaps decrease: a sticking effect appears and full seizure may occur;
  • premature bearing wear. The appearance of deposits on the moving surfaces of the bearing increases friction and wear. For turbines this moment is not critical, since it does not lead to failures in operation. But this increases the number of bearings needed, which entails additional financial costs. In the event of solid particles getting into the bearing, a severe turbine failure may occur;
  • blockage of pass filters. The accumulation in the turbine oil of oxidation products leads to the formation of sludge. Virtually any disturbance that occurs in the oil tank triggers clogging of filters. At the same time, the valves stop working and the turbine stops.


To prevent undesirable effects, it is necessary to clean the turbine oil in the early stages of its pollution. This will not only prolong the life of the petroleum product, but also significantly reduce the financial costs of repair and maintenance of turbine equipment. The installation of the type СMM-1.2T of the GlobeCore trademark has been developed specifically to solve the problem of complex cleaning of turbine oils having a viscosity of not more than 280 cSt at a temperature of 50 ºС.The installation of cleaning turbine oil type СMM-1.2T in its work uses the principles of filtration and thermal vacuum cleaning. Depending on the type of the problem being solved, the equipment can be used in the following modes:

  •            oil filtration and heating;
  •            filtration, drying and degassing of oil.

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